I'll teach you to SPEAK (either English or German) - I do not give conventional classes. I will teach and practice with you words, sentences and expressions. Based on my own experience I progress in a speed you can easy follow. You are required to have a smart-phone with internet access and an account with the Telegram Messenger platform.

The phrase “learning a language” is deceptively reductive. A language isn’t a singular monolith, but rather a complex interconnected system of components that build a way to communicate. The lexicon consists of the individual words, which speakers have to memorize. 


The syntax and grammar tell speakers how to properly structure those words in a sentence. Then there’s the writing system, which is the visual representation of words or sounds that allow words to be constructed (for example, in English, the writing system is the alphabet).

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What does thug mean?

We understand that thug is a loaded word, but we wanted everybody to be a badass, to have that aggression. The climate around the word ‘thug’ is different now while society is almost overloaded with a toxic positivity. In that sense we basically want to ruffle some feathers.....

The first records of the word thug come from the early 1800s. It comes from the Hindi word thag, meaning “rogue,” “thief,” or “cheat.” This derives from the Sanskrit sthaga, which means “scoundrel” and comes from the verb sthagati, “to conceal.”


The word thug has had racial and cultural overtones since its adoption into the English language. It entered English during the British colonial period to describe a particular gang of criminals in India, but from the beginning, the otherness of the Indian robbers was intrinsic to the narrative about British colonial victims. In American English, the word is disproportionately applied to nonwhite perpetrators of violence or crime.